Question: PDEs solve numerically

Dear Users! I solved a PDE by using the following code. 
restart;a := 1:b:= 2:l:= 1:alpha[1]:= 1:alpha[2]:= 3:
  syspde:= [diff(u(x, t), t)-a+u(x, t)-u(x, t)^2*v(x, t)-alpha[1]*(diff(u(x, t), x$2)) = 0, diff(v(x, t), t)-b+u(x, t)^2*v(x, t)-alpha[2]*(diff(v(x, t), x$2)) = 0];
Bcs:= [u(x,0)=1,v(x,0)=1,D[1](u)(-l, t) = 0,D[1](u)(l, t) = 0,D[1](v)(-l, t) = 0,D[1](v)(l, t) = 0];
  sol:=pdsolve(syspde, Bcs, numeric);
  p1:=sol:-plot3d( u(x,t), t=0..1, x=-1..1, color=red);
  p2:=sol:-plot3d( v(x,t), t=0..1, x=-1..1, color=blue);
Now I want to see the value of u(x, t)+diff(u(x, t), x)+diff(u(x, t), t) when x=0 and t=1. Please help me to fix the problem. Thanks in advance. 

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