Question: Implicitplot returns nothing

I'm trying to graph the solution to:

[7.72-7.72*B]*[-7.717267500*a] = 662204.4444*B^2

with a as the independent variable (X-Axis) and B as the dependant variable (Y-Axis). I've been using the command:


implicitplot([7.72-7.72*B]*[-7.717267500*a] = 662204.4444*B^2, a = 10 .. 15000, B = 0.1e-1 .. 1)


I dont get any errors, but the graph is ust a blank graph that is -10..10 for both axis (at least they are labelled correctly)

Any help as to how to solve this woud be greatly apprecated (either fixing syntax or recommending another command).

Note: These ranges are correct....a will be something between 0 and 20,000 and B will be between 0 and 1


Thank you! - Bob

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