Question: mp3 FFmpeg through maple using ssystem

Since maple doesn't have mp3 support, the best we can do is just convert to a supported file type and go from there.  We can actually use maple's system command to work within maple to accomplish this and other tasks.  Actually someone using Matlab created an FFmpeg tool package - something similar could also be done with Maple.

So first you need to load the free open source FFmpeg software into your machine.  I'm using windows so Unzip into a folder then into right click on mycomputer go into properties advanced and add a new environment variable.

However I'm having a problem using the ssystem command.  The system command actually works fine, so I don't know if it's an issue with my format of the command or maybe it's a bug within the Maple 18 that I'm currently working in (perhaps it works on the newer versions) so here's the script

system("ffmpeg -i c:/test/test.mp3") #works fine outputed in a new window displays info about specified file

ssystem("ffmpeg -i c:/test/test.mp3") #maple is busy sitting executing with nothing happening

However this works,

ssystem("ffmpeg -version") #does output into Maple just information of the ffmpeg software version

so I suspect something to do with the file formatting??  Any ideas why ssystem doesn't output into maple using a file location?


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