Question: Looking for tips to solve system of two (complicated) equations of two unknowns given that a solution is known to exist

Hello experts,

I am trying to use solve to find a solution to a system of two equations. The two equations involved are quite complicated, and so sometimes Maple has difficulty with this. In particular, the solve command tries evaluating but never comes up with a solution (I've waited at least an hour, before giving up). 

I recently learned about fsolve, which gives approximate numeric solutions (which would be fine for my purposes), but fsolve too struggles with a solution and simply returns my input to me. I tried plotting the system of equations using plots:-implictplot to see if a solution existed, and as expected it does. I was hoping to get some tips on trying to solve a difficult system like this, perhaps given the knowledge that a solution definitely exists. Unfortunately, I need a solution for many variations of the same system, so simply reading off the approximate solution isn't really an option.

In my attatched code, the system with W = 49 is the first one where Maple really begins to struggle, and I believe that solutions for W>49 are also difficult.


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