Question: How to simplify multiple definite integrals

Hi Guys,

I need help regarding simplifying definite integrals. I have following expression

2*s^2*(int(Phi[1, 1](x, T[2])*(diff(Y1(x), x, x)), x = 0 .. x1))+int(Phi[1, 1](x, T[2])*(diff(Y1(x), x, x, x, x)), x = 0 .. x1)-omega_y^2*(int(Y1(x)*Phi[1, 1](x, T[2]), x = 0 .. x1))

As we can notice the limit for each integral is same, so I should be able to take these integral limit outside. I am trying to use collect and simplify, but both of these command are not working. It would be really helpful for me if I can get the solution for it.

Please find the attached example sheet

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