Question: Any tools to help analyse the structures of Maple software and packages?

Since Maple comes with source code that one can display. Even though it is stripped of all comments, which makes it hard to follow sometimes, I was wondering if there are any tools to help one get the large picture of what is there without having to step and go through all the thousands and thousands of the help pages jumping from one to another and losing the path.

I am looking for something similar to the tree program one finds on Unix, but applied to Maple's logical package hierarchy.

Since Maple has thousands of packages and subpackages and some has sub subpackages and then thousands of commands below all these, such an automated tool will be useful.

For example, I could ask it to show me top level packages and subpackages only (and not show the names of all the functions below that). This will help one see what is out there at a glance. i.e. see the big picture.

Here is an example of tree command I found on the net. But instead of looking at directories, the maple one will look at logical package tree.


For example, I just made short example for the Student package now


But doing the above by hand for everything is not practical. The above is just partial view of one package, and there are hundreds others. 

It will be nice if there is a tool, where one can tell to show the Maple package tree and the level of details to show. This will help one learn Maple better also.

The output of such tool does not even have to graphical. It could plain text, something like this





Alignment is done using tabs for example to help show the structure.

Any suggestions?


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