Question: Passing a string to maple using the command line


In Section 14.5 - External Calling ..., page 489, the authors gave an example on how to use the command line in Unix to call maple with arguments. I followed the example but added a mpl-file to see if the arguments were sent to it.  

Example (Linux):

/opt/maple2020/bin/maple -c n:=4 -c 'path:="/home/eduardo/examples";' example.mpl > output.txt &

Maple sends out the following error message: "Error, incorrect syntax in parse: '/' unexpected (near 7th character of parsed string)".

The msg is clear where the error is but I could not figure out what to do. The single quotes were supposed to take care of that, weren't they?  

Many thanks.


Edit: I have added the double-quotes.   The problem still persists.  

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