Question: Situational VectorCalculus[Norm] argument passing failures

I am having problems with VectorCalculus[Norm] with argument passing.

In certain cases I get the error message:

     "Error, (in VectorCalculus:-GetCoordinates) the first argument, when present, must be a Vector"

In all cases, the first argument IS a vector.

Here is the case I need to succeed:

VectorCalculus[Norm](DeleteRow(Vector[column](5, [x, y, z, w, 1]), RowDimension(Vector[column](5, [x, y, z, w, 1]))))

or more completely:

here is the test Document with several cases of the problem explored:

Background.  Calculus Vector Norm doesn't know about Homogenous systems so it inculdes an unwanted term in its norm.  Trimming off the last row of the vector fixes this problem.

(Note: as I am new, so if there is an existing cononical notation that will take care of that without further ado, then I could leave CalculusVector[Norm] to its own devices and move on.

Also, if I knew how to peek at the underside of such gotchas, I might have been able to sort it out myself.  Any leads in this direction would be taken to heart.  Thanks)

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