Question: how to obtain all roots for positive integer and not just principal root?

sqrt(4) gives 2 in CAS systems, since the principal root is returned by default. 

Is there an option to have Maple return all roots? Which in this case 2,-2?

I'll explain the context why I need this.

When I solve an ODE, I get a solution that I need to solve for constant of integration C from initial conditions. For an example assume the ODE becomes, after replacing initial condition the following  eq:=4^(1/2) = -2+_C1;

So now when solving for _C1  in maple and then calling simplify, gives one solution which _C1=4 (case root=2) which when replaced back into the general solution gives the particular solution.

But this means the second solution is lost, which is when _C1=0  (case root=-2) which could have been obtained from the non-principal root of 4^(1/2)

eq:=4^(1/2) = -2+_C;


And I would like to get {4,0} instead.

In practice, this becomes important.

Here is an actual ODE, which should have 2 solutions. Mathematica gives both solutions, and Maple gives one solution.  This is due to the above.


In Mathematica


The second solution above came from when constant of integration is zero. The first solution is the one Maple  gave (when expanded).

When I worked the solution by hand, I tracked this to issue with sqrt(4) giving 2 and not +2,-2 when doing solve() to solve for C at the end.

I could ofcourse leave C=sqrt(4)  and not call simplify  on it  and that works.

But I thought to ask here to see if there is some option in Maple, so that when it sees (n)^m to return all m roots when calling solve() and not just the principal one. Even for m=2. 

I looked at root and tried allsolutions=true but they did not help. Looked at solve/details and did not spot something. I tried only few of the options there, as there are so many.

Any suggestions what to try?


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