Question: Is there very much CUDA-like hardware support in Maple?

I discovered the LinearAlgebra package can use CUDA, 

CUDA, the Compute Unified Device Architecture, is an extension of C created by nVidia that allows the programmer to take advantage of the massive parallel computing power of an nVidia graphics card to do general purpose computation.

I also discovered that my new GTX 1660 Ti graphics card has 1,536 CUDA Cores, and the Maple CUDA package allows Maple to use the GPU hardward to accelerate certain LinearAlgebra routines.

The Maple command calling sequence is

CUDA[command]( arguments )

command( arguements )

But that is all I know.

Do any of you know just how much Maple can do with this sort of thing?  I've only had my individual license a couple of weeks so I don't have any perspective on what this means for Maple.

Can a lot of Maple make use of this sort of thing, or just a little bit?

Are there any other facilities in Maple that can make effective use of CUDA or any multi-processing like fully engaging all the coomputers CPUs?

I am interested regardless where the capabilities are implemented since enhancement can come from Maple, extensions, the Windows OS, the CPUs, or grahics card.... or any combination of these.

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