Question: how to extract variables value from fsolve in code edit region

Hi I want to run the following algorithm in code edit region:

for m in set_m do
    for n in set_n do
      solve for N solving ODE11 and ODE12 simultaneously
      solve for t_2 solving ODE11 and ODE12 simultaneouly
      find t__3 and t__4
      if (N<=t_4 and M>=t_3) then
        d1= TCS__1 using n,m,t__2 and N
          if (d1< d2)
    end do
end do

But I am struck for to how to extract N and t__2 from SOL1 in code edit region

SOL1 := fsolve({ODE11, ODE12}, {N, t__2});

Thanks in advance

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