Question: does mserver.exe remember information about session that was terminated/restarted?

This happens each time I run a long loop.  (2,500 iterations, which takes about 3 hrs to complete)

Maple always hangs (it does not time out on odetest() ). But my question is not about this (as this is something I have to deal with for long time now and mentioned it before many times. May be one day Maplesoft will fix this). 

But I noticed this also.  When Maple hangs, (and it always hangs at least once during this loop), I then click on the button "interrupt the current operation". This does stop the hangs.

Next I do a restart and starts the loop from the loop counter where it hanged in order to continue.  

But It still hangs at that same iteration. I repeate this again, and it still hangs.

Now I close Maple altogether, start Maple again, open same worksheet, and repeat from the same iteration again from where it was at before, now it does not hang.

This tells me that restart and "interrupt the current operation" do not clean everything as expected. Else why only restarting Maple makes it work?

It means mserver.exe (separate process from the frontend) still is caching something related, and that is why it hangs at that iteration.

I can reproduce this each time I run the whole loop from the start.

I can't make a minimal example, since I have no idea where it hangs and why. And it is related to running a long loop.

I just know it hangs when doing odetest() with timeout which never timeout, and it seems random at what iteration it decides to hang.

But my question is really basic here: Does mserver.exe keep any information about the earlier user session/worksheet even after restart ? help says that restarts clear internal memory of the kernel.

Isn't mserver.exe  the Maple kernel? If so, then what could explain that only restarting Maple clears the hang? I am just looking for ideas that could explain this.

This type of problem is the most annoying thing about Maple for me. 

Maple 2020.1 on windows 10.


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