Question: Solve a PDE with a known solution

Can anyone help me to find a solution to psi[2](r,phi) for the attached partial differential equation pde[0]?

I want to find a general solution to a partial differential equation by assuming that I know one solution, called psi[1], and trying to find another solution psi[2] by assuming that the general solution in the form of psi= psi[1]*psi[2]. I want to restrict the second solution to be in the form of psi[2](r*sin(phi)) so that it satisfies the PDE, and is a function of r times sin(phi). The latter makes error as the maple identifies that the function psi[2](r*sin(phi)) depends on only one variable r*sin(phi). Could you please help me to find a solution for psi[2] in the form psi[2]=f(r*sin(phi))?


Also, I have trouble with defining the operator Do in the attached file.  When it operates on psi[2](r * sin(phi)), maple gives D(D(psi[2]))(r*sin(phi)). It is not clear for me that whether this derivative is with respect to r or phi. I need is to define Do in a way so that the derivatives are correctly taken with respect to different separate variables.


Thank you for your help,


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