Question: using indexed name for variable vs. two underscores. Which to choose?

For entering system of linear ode's, from textbook, such as this example

I can either use x[1],x[2]  or x__1 and x__2.

Maple dsolve works with both. The Latex generated is also exactly the same Which is x_{1} and x_{2}.

The only minor difference I see is on the screen in the worksheet (I only use 1D), where the subscript looks a little nicer in the case of x[1] vs. x__1

The subscript in the case of x[1] is upright while the one in x__1 is italic. I like the first one more.

Other than this cosmetic difference, Are there are subtle sematic differences between the two forms in terms of computation? I know x[1] create table x. OK.  While x__1 is a separate symbol. No table is created.,

Which would be  a safer/better option to use in this case?   Or is it just a matter of choice?

sys:=[ diff(x[1](t),t)=x[1](t)+x[2](t),diff(x[2](t),t)=x[1](t)+3*x[2](t)];
sys:=[ diff(x__1(t),t)=x__1(t)+x__2(t),diff(x__2(t),t)=x__1(t)+3*x__2(t)];

In some way, using x__1(t) might be a little easier to read on the eye than x[1](t) since there is only one type of paranthesis involved.

ps. I tried to search for __ in Maple help to read more about it, but ?__ do not show it. I am sure __ is in the help under some other name.

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