Question: RE: re-writing a differential equation

Hello there, 

Would you please tell me how to re-write the 'PMSM_v_eq' as 'PMSM_flux_eq_desired'? My simple attempt was using the 'solve()' command, but it failed. 

Here is the worksheet:



PMSM_v_eq := V__alphabeta(t) = R__s * i__alphabeta(t) + L__s*diff(i__alphabeta(t), t) + diff(lambda__alphabeta(t), t);

V__alphabeta(t) = R__s*i__alphabeta(t)+L__s*(diff(i__alphabeta(t), t))+diff(lambda__alphabeta(t), t)



PMSM_flux_eq := solve(PMSM_v_eq, lambda__alphabeta(t));

Error, (in solve) cannot solve expressions with diff(lambda__alphabeta(t), t) for lambda__alphabeta(t)


PMSM_flux_eq_desired := lambda__alphabeta(t) =  int(V__alphabeta(t) - R__s * i__alphabeta(t), t) - L__s*i__alphabeta(t);

lambda__alphabeta(t) = int(V__alphabeta(t)-R__s*i__alphabeta(t), t)-L__s*i__alphabeta(t)



Thank you!


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