Question: Problem in evaluating 2D improper integral

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I want to evaluate following integral (f[i]'s) for different values of rho as shown. But find some problem and can't find f[3], f[4], f[5] and f[6]. If the integral from direct way is hard to calculate please guide me how I can evaluate it using numerical integration?

restart; HAM := [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]; U := y^6*sin(x); alpha := 1/3;

for i while i <= nops(HAM) do

rho := op(i, HAM);

f[i] := int(int(U/((x^rho-p^rho)^alpha*(y^rho-q^rho)^alpha), q = 0 .. y), p = 0 .. x)

end do

Thanks in advance!

Special request to @acer @Carl Love @Kitonum @Preben Alsholm

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