Question: looking for an unevail/not expand an expression method

hello i startet using subs. and i got a problem, my expression is only finished and valid if it stands in the factorised version. i am calculating some koefficients and then with subs i am trying to insert it back into the original expression. but it always expand and simplyfy. looking at it, i can see it is a oneway arrow => after the simplicifaction, so it is impossible to rearrange.

what i would like it to happen is the expression i am asking subs to insert a koefficient into is insertet only, and not evaluated and rearrange. can i use a tecknique er something to stop the evaluation and only perform an insertion.

my equation are

a*(2*A + 2*B) + b*(C) = c*(2*A + B) + d*(B*2) + e*(C + 4*B)

i have calculated the koefficients as

{a = 6, b = 1, c = 6, d = 1, e = 1}

i would like it to look like this when i use subs

6*(2*A + 2*B) + 1(C) = 6*(2*A + B) + 1*(B*2) + 1(C + 4*B)      

but it looks like this

12*A + 12*B + C = 12*A + 12*B + C


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