Question: How to manage the number of colors colorscheme uses?


I often need to draw several curves on the same figure and the question of which colors to choose to distinguish them is crucial. 
In particular when these curves depend on a parameter I would like to color them by using a "regular" change of color.
The trick I use is this one

# here I want to plot N=10 different curves

N := 10:

# step 1: generate a list of colours using colorscheme
# (I was hoping for 10 levels of colors but I got 19)

plot(x, x=0..1, colorscheme=["Gold", "Blue"], numpoints=N):
MyColors := op([1,2, 2], %);
M := numelems(MyColors[..,1]);

# step 2: do the plots of interest, for instance

    plot(m*x^2, x=0..1, color=ColorTools:-Color([entries(MyColors[round(m/N*M)], nolist)])), 

My question is: How can we make that MyColors be a matrix whose the number of rows equal N (this to avoid the round(m/N*M) operation)?
(I will accept any other strategy)

Thanks in advance

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