Question: question on dsolve solution. How to obtain class notes solution

Hello Maple experts.

According to our teacher class notes, the ODE   y'=2*sqrt(y) with IC  y(0)=0 has 2 solutions. y(0)=0 and sqrt(y)=x

I am not able to get Maple to give the second solution,. It only gives y(0)=0.

Is there an option I am overlooking to make it give the other solution sqrt(y)=x ?

ode := diff(y(x),x) = 2*sqrt(y(x));

One can see the other solution by doing this

ode := diff(y(x),x) = 2*sqrt(y(x));

I tried this in Mathematica. Mathematica does not give y=0 but it gives the second solution

I tried the singsol=all also, but it had no effect. Maple only shows the y(0)=0 solution.

Any suggestions?

Maple 2020.2


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