Question: How to plot a vector field so that small vectors have one colour, and large vectors have another colour. Intermediate vectors must have either shades of both colours or some gradient of colours.


I have managed to create the following plot.  It won't plot on the site's plotter:

fieldplot([1, y^2 + x], x = -10 .. 10, y = -6 .. 6, fieldstrength = fixed, color = abs(y^2 + x + 1))

I am trying to assign a colour gradient to the different vectors based on vector magnitude.  In the color option, I entered color= expresssion for the magnitude of the vectors


This only half worked.  It currently scales the colours such that the largest and smallest vectors are the same colour.  How do I assign a gradient such that the small magnitude vectors are one colour, and they then transition to another colour as their magnitude gets larger?



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