Question: small issue with translating abs() to Latex

I noticed that something changed with the output of translating abs() to latex. I am not sure when this happened.

Current version use \mid ...\mid  instead of the original \left| .... \right|

The problem with \mid is that the spacing no longer symmetric. It generate too much space on one side of | compared to the other side, and makes the output not pretty any more.

Is it possible to revert this back to the original way it was done? Please see example


                     \ln \! \left({\mid 1+x \mid}\right) = x


                   \ln  \left(  \left| 1+x \right|  \right) =x

The second example gives better looking Latex where the space is symmetric. Here is the output

\ln \! \left({\mid 1+x \mid}\right) = x

\ln \! \left(  \left| 1+x \right|  \right) =x

The second output is much better since \left|...\right| automatically sets the spacing the same between them and the math on each side.  (same if \lvert and \rvert were used)

I just noticed this first time looking at current output. I do not think this is how it used to be, else I would probably seen it before.

I am using Maple 2020.2 and Physics 890 (latest).

If not possible to change back to \left| ... right| . may be a new configuration parameter could be added to alow a user to choose which one?

Window 10.


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