Question: Why loss of kernel connection?

This simple set of integrations works correctly and quickly in Maple 17 and other releases, but not in Maple 2020.

psi(x) := (-1)^v*(alpha*GAMMA(k-v)/v!/GAMMA(k-2*v-1)/GAMMA(k-2*v))^(1/2)*exp(-1/2*k*exp(-alpha*x))*                 (k*exp(-alpha*x))^(1/2*k-v-1/2)*LaguerreL(v,k-2*v-1,k/exp(alpha*x))/binomial(k-v-1,v);

Int(eval(%, [k=30.5, v=j, alpha=2.5])^2, x=-1..infinity) =
   seq(evalf[12](Int(eval(%, [k=30.5, v=j, alpha=2.5])^2, x=-1..infinity)), j=0..5);

Every time that I try this simple integration in Maple 2020 I receive a message "kernel connection lost".  Why???

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