Question: Why do I get "Internal Error" when Angle Sensor feedback to two different threshold blocks?

Hi Everyone,

First time asking a question on this website. I am a bit confused about an error I am getting in a pretty straightforward simulation I am trying to generate. It is part of an overall State Machine I am working on but I have isolated the issue to the Angle Sensor and have simplified the issue to ask my question. The issue is as follows:

When simulating the To_Box_5_error.msim file I get the following error

Preparing for integration......
Generating code (derivatives)
(in MapleSim:-CreateDataRecord) internal error occurred during simulation: check console on verbose for more details (5.508s)

This file consits of the angle sensor feeding back to the two <= blocks.

However when simulating the To_Box_5_works.msim file the simulation completes without issue. The difference in the second file is that I feed back the angle sensor value to only one <= block while the second I ijust feed in a constant.

Why would feeding back the same signal to both of these blocks not complete the simulation? The error does not occur for the position sensors that are also in the model.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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