Question: What might be the best way to convey calculated results for electrical designs?

I am an electrical engineer and have been using Matlab for years.  I am switching over to Maple and am converting my extensive library of Matlab scripts to Maple.  

Among other things, I plan on using Maple, as I have Matlab, to determine component values based on design criteria (e.g. input voltage range, output voltage range, etc.) and to analyze the resulting circuit uncertainties.

I have generally released the uncertainty results to my clients and like to use the appropriate mathematical symbols to convey the information.  

I would eventually like to generate a report for my client that shows the calculated component values and the resulting uncertainties (e.g. "R1 = 2.56kΩ ± 0.01%", "Total uncalibrated uncertainty (maximum) = ±(0.23452% of reading + 0.198°C)")

I see that outside of a code edit region, I can freely use the symbols from the "common symbols" palette to generate text as shown above.

Should I avoid trying to automate this (i.e. using printf() statements)?


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