Question: plot of fracdiff of f(x)=x

Why doesn't the graphs of alpha=0 and alpha=1  appear in the following code?

plot([seq(fracdiff(v(t), t,alpha),alpha=-1..1.5,0.5)],t=0..10,view=[0..9.5,0..5],legend=[seq('alpha'=alpha,alpha=-1..1.5,0.5)],color = [red, blue, green,yellow,cyan,magenta],axis[2]=[gridlines=[linestyle=dot]]);


if alpha=1;

fracdiff(t, t,alpha)

gives 1. But it doesn't appear in the figure. 

if alpha=0, 

fracdiff(t, t,alpha)

gives t. But it doesn't appear in the figure, also. 

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