Question: How to emphasize in a plot[display] that one object should be below the other one and therefore some parts of it invisible?

I was trying to plot a simple degree two curve but with one point removed. My first attempt was the following;

p1 := plot(x^2 - 1, x = -2 .. 2);
p2 := plot([[0, -1]], style = point, symbol = circle, symbolsize = 20);
plots[display](p1, p2);

But the curve line is shown even inside the circle of the removed point. Changing order of `p1` and `p2` in `plots[display]` doesn't make any changes on the output.

My second attempt was the following.

p3 := plots[display](plottools[disk]([0, -1], 0.1, color = white)):

This didn't help either.

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