Question: Latex Latex generates command not in Maple style files


I was testing Physics 905 to see if this bug reported in

But I found that now Maple generates a new command called \munderset  while in 897 it used to be  \Mapleunderset

So the problem was not fixed. In addition now it uses a command called \munderset which is not in any of Maple style files and not a standard Latex macro name. 

Replacing \munderset back to \Mapleunderset now the same error that was generated in the above linked to question, using the same exact code shown there.

So I think this new command should remain \Mapleunderset unless there is a new Maple syle file used which is not part of Maple 2020.2? 

To reproduce this, please run the same code posted in the above link. No need to duplicate it here again, and you will see this problem.

Maple 2020.2, Physics 905



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