Question: How do I use Syrup to answer the question by Danialfreddy 15

ckt := "*\n\
V1 1 0 -10*exp(-2*t)\n\
R1 1 2 2\n\
R2 2 3 2\n\
C1 3 0 0.5F\n\
R3 2 4 4\n\
L1 4 3 1H\n\
volts,others:=Solve(ckt,'tran', 'returnall'):

How do I get an expression for diff(i1(t),t)?    I tried

eval(diff(i[R1](t),t), volts union others);
But, this looks very strange

diff(i2(t),t)?  I tried a similar expression, but, it is ver different than the one by OP.

How do I set the initial conditions?  I can use init=1, on L1 for i2(0)=1.  But, how about i1(0)=1?


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