Question: CUDA support in Maple?

I just got a "new" graphics card, NVIDIA GT630, and was wondering whether the CUDA capabilities are accessible. But no luck:


Error, (in CUDA:-Enable) CUDA not supported on the current system (see CUDA,supported_hardware for more information)

The CUDA help page with the example, when run, just shows a host of error messages.

I have OS X 10.11.6, the above mentioned GT630 card with claimed 384 CUDA cores and 2 GB of VRAM; NVIDIA WebDriver 346.03.15f16 for the card (i.e. latest for this OS) and NVIDIA CUDA driver 8.0.90 (again, latest for this OS as far as I can tell). My Maple is 2015.2. All this running on a MacPro 4,1.

I am not having great illusions about the performance I should get (this is not a state-of-the-art card today), but it seems to me this combination should be working with Maple 2015 and not throw an error, shouldn't it? Checking the system extensions: CUDA.kext is loaded and its dependencies are satisfied, so I don't see any problem there.

Am I missing something?


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