Question: A better way to do this evalindent?

I need to find and remove any abs that shows up only inside ln anywhere in an expression.

I used to do this in multiple steps before, by using loop and subs. But I am now learning evalindet which is powerful command. I should use it more. 

I wanted to see if it is possible to do this in one call to evalindent. Both finding and replacing.

Here is an example. Given


The goal is to change it to the following

This is what I ended up with

          'specfunc( satisfies(u->has(u,abs)),  ln)',

My question is: Is there a more optimal or better way to do this? I had to use evalindets inside the transformer to remove the abs. At first I did not know if it will work, but it did work.

Any place for improvement?

Maple 2020.2

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