Question: Exporting the result of pointplot as an eps file when the points have different colors ends up with all points being black!

Consider the following simple example. It works fine and we get a plot with two blue points and two red points when we run it inside Maple. However, when we right click on it and choose export as `.eps` file, the result is a plot with four black points!

List := [[[0, 0], 1], [[1, 2], 0], [[2, 3], 0], [[3, 1], 1]]:
plots[pointplot]([seq(List[i][1], i = 1 .. nops(List))], color = [seq(`if`(List[j][2] = 1, red, blue), j = 1 .. nops(List))], symbolsize = 12, symbol = solidcircle, labels = [typeset(t), typeset(x[t])]);

Of course one solution is to make a seperate pointplot for each color and then use `plots[display]`. But what if there is a situation with more number of colors or a gradient of colors which you can't know how many colors will be in the end?

Is there any specific reason behind becoming black when I export the output of this plot? I wonder why it is displayed properly inside Maple, but not in the eps output.

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