Question: question of why int seems to hang on this integral

This integral 

for n integer and n>=0

Maple finds it if I tell it this in the assumptions.  But if I remove the assumption that n>=0 and just keep the assumption that n is integer, it hangs. (at least I waited 5 minutes and gave up).

Is this something to be expected?  If I try the same thing in Mathematica, i.e. telling it n is an integer, but not that it is n>=0, it returns result  immediately, with condition that the result is valid for n>=0.

int(x^n*exp(-x),x=0..infinity) assuming n::integer

seems to hang.

In Mathematica:

My question is  if this behaviour of int hanging is to be expected, since it was not told than n>=0? Should it have returned result of n!  like Mathematica, with the assumption given in the result as well?

Since for n<0 the integral does not converge, and maple knows this



May be this is just a design issue in int and it was stuck trying to evaluate the integral for negative integers, and could not determine if it converges or not?

Any thoughts?

Maple 2020.2

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