Question: why maple 2021 only shows "shared server"?

When I installed Maple 2021 student version (did an upgrade from Maple 2020 to get discount price). I noticed that Maple 2021 only has "shared server" icon to click on to start Maple GUI.

I do not know what the difference between "shared server" and the icon without it.

In Maple 2020, it shows both "maple 2020" and "shared server maple 2020". And when using 2020, I always clicked on "maple 2020", not the "shared server maple 2020".  This is standalone personal PC used only by me.

But in Maple 2021, only "shared server Maple 2021" shows up. And so this is the one I now use, and Maple comes up OK.

But why Maple 2021 do not have an icon without "shared server" on it like 2020?  Is this something I should worry about?

Here is screen shot from my START menu on windows 10 showing the difference. 



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