Question: why "always insert new execution group after executing" does not work in section?

When inside a section, why typing a command or any Maple expression, makes the cursor jump to outside the section after that?

Is it possible to create a new cell (i.e. >) and jump to that, so to remain inside the section?

Currently, I have to do CTRL-J to make new exection group, i.e. >, below the current one and remain inside the section, which is too much work. 

This is using worksheet mode. I see an option in tools->options->display to do that automatically. Which is great. But it does not work inside a SECTION. 

This is how to reproduce

1. set  tools->options->display->always insert new execution group after executing

2. In worksheet, click on insert->section to make new section.

3. in the first cell inside the section, type any Maple command or statement. Now you will see the cursor jumps outside the section, and makes new exection group (i.e. >).  But my cursor is now outside the section. So I have to move it back to inside the section.

I want to remain inside the section and have ">" be created inside the section.

Is this possible?

Maple 2021, windows. Worksheet mode.

I will make small movie to illustrate.


sometimes when I see such things, I get the feeling that the folks who develop the interface at Maplesoft, do not use it too much themselves. Else they would have noticed this annoyance in using sections. 

When inside a section, one would expect that a new exection cell to be created inside the section itself and not outside. 


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