Question: how to get homogeneous part of some degree ?

Hi everyone,
Could you tell me please if I have a polynomial vector of combinations x[i] x[j] (huge), how to recover the homogenuous part of some degree d ? and how to get a vector of coeficients of each combination of that vector please ?
In the following a simple example, 
V:=Vector[column](2, [3*x[1]^4*x[2]^2 + 7*x[1]^3*x[2]^3 + 6*x[1]^2*x[2]^4 + 7*xi[1]*xi[2]^5 + 65*xi[1]^3 + 76*xi[1]^2*xi[2] + 56*xi[1]^2*xi[3], 13*x[1]^6 - 7*x[1]^5*x[2] + 30*x[1]^4*x[2]^2 + 75*x[1]^3*x[2]^3 + 130*x[1]^2*x[2]^4 + 54*xi[1]*xi[2]^5 + 43*xi[2]^6 + xi[2]^2*xi[3] + 76*xi[2]^2*xi[4] + 43*xi[2]*xi[3]^2]); 
The homogenuous part of degree 3 is then 
Vector[column](2, [65*xi[1]^3 + 76*xi[1]^2*xi[2] + 56*xi[1]^2*xi[3], xi[2]^2*xi[3] + 76*xi[2]^2*xi[4] + 43*xi[2]*xi[3]^2]).h

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