Question: How do I check the equality of two equations?

I have two equations (assignments, to be accurate) from which I know they are equal:

f__1 := sqrt(4*a^2 + lambda__g^2)*c/(2*lambda__g*a)

f__2 := c*sqrt(1/lambda__g^2 + 1/(4*a^2))


testeq(f__1 = f__2) returns FAIL

verify(f__1, f__2, equal) returns  FAIL


simplify(f__1 - f__2, sqrt)

does not return 0 but

-c*(sqrt((4*a^2 + lambda__g^2)/(lambda__g^2*a^2))*lambda__g*a - sqrt(4*a^2 + lambda__g^2))/(2*lambda__g*a)

What is the best method for checking such equalities?

I am sorry for not using the Maple Math input option but fpr such reason it did not accept the expressions in this question. I am sure I made a mistake but I do not know what mistake.

I tested all methods mentioned above with the 1. Binominal equation sucessfully.


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