Question: plotting fsolve for given values


I have two coupled algebraic equations (not differential equations; but only simple algebraic equations; call them "equ1" and "equ2") in which there are three parameters: "x", "y", and "z".

I want to use "fsolve" (Numerical solve) for solving them and then plotting. But since there are three parameters and two equations hence one of the parameters must be given. I want to give a range for "z", for example [2..9], and step size, for example "0.5", such that maple first puts "2" in both equations and solve them numerically and get the values of "x" and "y" and then record them, and then set the value "2.5" for "z" and again repeat the above cycle until the value "z=9". Finally plot both "x" and "y" in terms of "z".

How do I write this?

Thanks in advance

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