Question: How to Plot a Colored Surface Under plot3d That Is Totally Independent of Direction of Light?

Hi MaplePrimes team,


I want to create two 3d surfaces with plot3d command in Maple, one of which represents a light-emitting diode (LED).

For that, my idea is simple: Just to disable the shade on a specific surface (representing the LED-like) among other surface. So, whatever the direction of the light, the LED surface keeps a constant luminosity.

Unfortunately, the glossiness = 0 option is still dependent of light direction.

I looked at all the options for plot3d and display commands, but I couldn't find anything for disable light on special surface.

Maybe in PLOT3D command?


If not, is there an option to add a second light source?


Simple example I would like create:

- 1. A surface with regular light:

BALL := plot3d(<cos(t)*cos(s), cos(t)*sin(s), sin(t)>, s = 0..2*Pi, t =-Pi/2..Pi/2, color = "Blue"):


- 2. An illuminated surface representing the LED:

LED := plot3d((<2 + cos(t)*cos(s), cos(t)*sin(s), sin(t)>, s = 0..2*Pi, t =-Pi/2..Pi/2, color = "Yellow", What option to insert?):


Then, the assembly will give:

display(BALL, LED);


My Advanced Applications Tests in Maple

Figure 1: Aisle LED light and LED-screens of first-class seats in an illuminated cabin on board of an aircraft.


Figure 2: Here is the problem in the darkness. The aisle LED light and LED-screen must be stay constantly illuminated for any direction of light.



To better understand my objectives, here is another image using lights. Note that the LEDs (pale yellow strip shapes) stay constantly illuminated whatever the daylight and therefore allowing the aircraft to be visible.


Figure 3: Exterior lighting systems and dazzling jet engine afterburner of a military transport aircraft concept.


Thank you for your time.





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