Question: how to check if expression is polynomial but coefficients are not complex?

I need to check if an expression is polynomial in but with coefficients that are either symbolic, or do not include the complex numebr I.

The problem is that maple considers integers and reals complex also.   

type(1,complex) gives true. so I can't use


Since this gives false. 

I could instead list all the types to be accepted using Or, like this


But I might overlook something if I have to enumerate every type accepted. It is easier to just exclude complex numbers. 

What is the correct way to tell Maple to check if expression is polynomial in where coefficients do not have the complex I in them? It it ok if the coefficient are any other numeric value, or a known Maple constant, or a parameter (symbol). I just want to exclude complex numbers.

I know I could do this

if not has(the_poly,I) then
   print("not allowed");

But I wanted to learn how to make a type which excludes complex numbers.

Maple 2021.1

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