Question: How to plot a specific implicitly defined solution

Dear members,

first of all, this is my first question so please excuse me if it is posted in a bad way. Anyway, here is my problem:


I am trying to plot a function V(k,i(k)) over the positive real numbers k>0 where i=i(k) is the implicitly defined solution to


Both maps chi(i) and w(k) are relatively simple and well-defined. However, depending on k, two solutions to chi(i)-w(k)=0 coexist, call them i^1(k) and i^2(k). Hence, I want to have two plots:

V(k,i^1(k)) over k as well as V(k,i^2(k)) over k.

Below is my code:




The output is

which corresponds to only one of the solutions. How can I visualize the other solution?


Thank you and best regards,


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