Question: Dutch book on Applied Math, part 3

Ive got a question about the Dutch book again. They sure did their part on finding questions with answers you cannot find in the book (maybe in later chapters or the 2nd book "part 2"). Maybe to make sure you go to the teacher, so he sees you, and he is sure you did your part, and to get some interaction between the student and the teacher.

I guess you guys/girls are the teacher... Hahah :)

It is the 3rd question. It says: "given is the funtion y=f(x) ( see the photo for the function, "voor" means "for")

a. Draw the graph of y=f(x)
b. Draw with the help of the graph of y=f(x), a graph y=f(-x),y=-2f(x),y=f(x-1), and y=(2x)"

This paragraph is about shifting graphs of functions, and how to alter them. I know how it works, ive done that quite some time ago, but now in maple it is a new challange. Is there a way to get the funtion f(x) to adhere to the rules imposed on it by the text in the book? If that can be done, the answering of the questions will be a lot easier!

Thank you!


the function 

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