Question: documentation is not updated in some places.

help under object it says  (in Maple 2021)

The above has not been true for almost a year. Since in Maple 2021 one can do o:-m() 

person_class :=module()
  option object;
  export m:=proc(_self,$)
      print("you called me");
  end proc;
end module;


            person_class := Object<<1758956556512>>
                  o := Object<<1758955674784>>
                        "you called me"

I hope this gets updated in Version 2022,  with examples also. The notation o:-method() is hidden in help and could not even find it, but it is meantioned in some pdf file which I lost track of at this moment. 

On another help page titled Overview of Object Methods it briefly mentions alternative call but the link that is supposed to explain it does not work. (clicking on it, produces nothing. Stays on same page). I guess no one tried this link before shipping Maple. 

Is this link somewhere to access directly in the help page?

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