Question: Could someone help me with trigonometric functions? I need express sin(theta) in terms of a) cos(theta), b) tan(theta), c) cot(theta)

University of Costa Rica     

Course: SP-1493

Student: Lic. Marcus Vinicio Mora Salas

Instructor: Dr. Erick Castellón Elizondo


Assigment 7





Express sin(theta) in terms of

i)   cos(theta), and

ii)  tan(theta), and

iii)  cot(theta);

the latter part is more difficult than the preceding two parts.  Each square root that appears is assumed to include both positive and negative roots; for arbitrary angle theta, the sign of the root is given by the quadrant of the angle.  Test your results with a numerical value of theta. In an analogous manner, each circular trigonometric function is expressible in terms of any other circular trigonometric function, but possible ambiguity of signs of square roots exists.   

eq := [sin(theta)^2 + cos(theta)^2 - 1,

Error, invalid input: convert expects its 2nd argument, form, to be of type name, but received -sin(theta)




In this question I have to do what I said in the title. Really I don't understand the question very well, or at least I don't understand the objetive, because if I use solve I get an error and if I use isolate I only can get sin in terms of cos and even wen I could get all answer, I needed a starting point, it's say an identity to solve the exercise. Therefore, my question is, Maple have some comand to express trigonometric functions in terms of another without introducing identities?

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