Question: is it possible to read Maple differential equation written in 2D math?

I was wondering if it is possible to write Maple code in 2D notation inside .mpl and have it converted automatically to standard Maple 1D math.

For example, suppose I have A.mpl file with the content

#--- this is inside A.mpl file


Right now, reading this file in worksheet or even in document mode gives error:

        read "A.mpl"

Error, on line 1, syntax error, unexpected single forward quote:

But in document mode, one can type this in, and Maple will accept it. 

Since I do not use document mode and most of my code is in mpl files, I was wondering if one can write y'(x) instead of diff(y(x),x) and have maple automatically convert the code as it reads it somehow?

I find it much easier and more natural to write   y''(0)=1  than (D@@2)(y)(0)=1  for example.

I do understand the technical problems parsing this as has special meaning in Maple. But Maple does handle this input OK if typed in by hand in document 2D mode. It just needs to extend this to reading it from mpl files.

May be a future release of Maple will support this (using some switches or option when reading the file?)

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