Question: How do I get explict answer to system of ODEs

Dear Colleagues,

I am trying to solve the following system of ode

odeSystem := {diff(y1(x), x) = -x*y2(x)-(1+x)*y3(x), diff(y2(x), x) = -x*y1(x)-(1+x)*y4(x), diff(y3(x), x) = -x*y1(x)-(1+x)*y4(x)-5*x*cos((1/2)*x^2), diff(y4(x), x) = -x*y2(x)-(1+x)*y3(x)+5*x*sin((1/2)*x^2), y1(0) = 5, y2(0) = 1, y3(0) = -1, y4(0) = 0};
systemSol := dsolve(odeSystem);

However, the result displayed is not explicit and contains integral sign. Please, I need help to obtain explicit result.

Thank you.

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