Question: How use maple to find all roots

Please, how can I find all the roots  of: (H/(Hc))^2 -(4*q^2)/Pi^2*((tan(q)- q/(1-alpha))/(tan(q)-q)) with q=(i-1)*Pi+Pi/2..i*Pi+Pi/2 for n=20.

See my attempt below:

a[1] := .1093; k[3] := 7.5*10^(-12); k[2] := 3.8*10^(-12); d := 0.2e-3; eta[1] := 0.240e-1; alpha[2] := -.1104; alpha[3] := -0.1104e-2; eta[2] := .1361; xi := 1.219*10^(-6); alpha := 1-alpha[3]^2/(a[1]*eta[1]); theta[0] := 0.5e-1;
Hc := (Pi/d)*sqrt(k[2]/xi):

H := 5.5*Hc;
lambda := a[1]/(xi*H^2);

RootFinding:-NextZero(proc (q) options operator, arrow; (H/(Hc))^2 -(4*q^2)/Pi^2*((tan(q)- q/(1-alpha))/(tan(q)-q)) end proc, 0);

for j to 9 do RootFinding:-NextZero(proc (q) options operator, arrow; H^2/Hc^2-4*q^2*(tan(q)-q/(1-alpha))/(Pi^2*(tan(q)-q)) end proc, %) end do;

Error, invalid input: RootFinding:-NextZero expects its 2nd argument, zz, to be of type numeric, but received FAIL

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