Question: A new error message using `savelib` command.

For making a Maple package, an mla file, I were always using a same 4 lines code in a Maple worksheet and it was fine, but in Maple 2022 I receive an error message instead with the same 4 lines of code. Here is a simple example. Let's say I have a directory on my computer "C:\Home\Maple projects\Test_package", inside this directory I have one file "main.mpl" and a folder called "Functions" with a single file "". The content of these two files are in below.


# This is just to test savelib at Maple 2022


testSavelib := module()
	option package;
	description "This is just a test.";
	export ModuleCopy, ModuleApply, ModulePrint;
	export Test;

kernelopts( includepath = currentdir() ):
$include "Functions\\"

end module;


Test := proc( x :: integer )
	description "prints a message saying what integer you have given to this function.";
	printf("You have inserted the integer %d.\n", x);
end proc:

Now I open a Maple worksheet and do the followings.

kernelopts(includepath="C:\\Home\\Maple projects\\Test_package"):
read("C:\\Home\\Maple projects\\Test_package\\main.mpl");
LibraryTools:-Create("C:\\Home\\Maple projects\\Test_package\\test.mla");
savelib('testSavelib'," C:\\Home\\Maple projects\\Test_package\\test.mla ");

On previous versions of Maple the result would be a test.mla file with the testSavelib package in it. But in Maple 2022 I receive an error message instead, and the test.mla is an empty mla.

Error, could not open ` C:\Home\Maple projects\CAD project\test.mla \testSavelib.m` for writing

Here is a screenshot.

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