Question: why expanding PDE makes Maple hangs?

To Maple support:

I was investigating this pde from a different forum.

I noticed that when using an expanded version of the pde, Maple hangs. Without expanding the PDE, Maple gives an answer in 2 seconds. 

Why does expanding the PDE makes a difference? I do not have an earlier version of Maple on my new PC to check if this is a new issue or not.


`Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2022.0, Windows 10, March 8 2022 Build ID 1599809`


`The "Physics Updates" version in the MapleCloud is 1230 and is the same as the version installed in this computer, created 2022, April 21, 9:8 hours Pacific Time.`

bc  := u(1,theta)=sin(theta)^4,u(3,theta)=1;

(diff(u(r, theta), r)+r*(diff(diff(u(r, theta), r), r))+(diff(diff(u(r, theta), theta), theta))/r)/r

(diff(u(r, theta), r))/r+diff(diff(u(r, theta), r), r)+(diff(diff(u(r, theta), theta), theta))/r^2

u(1, theta) = sin(theta)^4, u(3, theta) = 1

u(r, theta) = (1/52480)*((328*r^6-26568*r^2)*ln(3)*cos(2*theta)+(-r^8+6561)*ln(3)*cos(4*theta)+19680*(ln(3)+(5/3)*ln(r))*r^4)/(ln(3)*r^4)

pdsolve([pde1_expanded=0,bc],u(r,theta)); #HANGS, Waited more than 40 minutes.




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