Question: How can I extract the Chebyshev coefficients of the function?

Dear All,
I want to extract the coefficients of Chebyshev of an arbitrary function, for example, exp(x). I know that we can use the following command to make a Chebyshev series expansion of exp(x):
the above returns the sum of nth Chebyshev polynomials multiplied by Chebyshev coefficients as the following:
1.26606587775201*T(0, x) + 1.13031820798497*T(1, x) + 0.271495339534077*T(2, x) + 0.0443368498486638*T(3, x) + 0.00547424044209371*T(4, x) + 0.000542926311913993*T(5, x) + 0.0000449773229542760*T(6, x) + 3.19843646244580*10^(-6)*T(7, x) + 1.99212480641582*10^(-7)*T(8, x) + 1.10367717095000*10^(-8)*T(9, x) + 5.50589697979079*10^(-10)*T(10, x)

I like to take the coefficients 1.266,1.1303, 0.2714, 0.04433, and so on. How can I do it?

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