Question: Why does simple differenciation using palettes and fracdiff(x, x, 1/2) show different result ?

I recently got introduced to fractional calculus, I saw this image on the internet and went to verify the 3rd block of image i.e fractional differentiation on Maple 2022. But Maple returned answer which does not match the result claimed in the image i.e x. I want to know what I am missing here. But when used fracdiff() the answer matches.I also wanted to know how its done by using showSolution command but didn't get the answer. Can I get the steps?

f := diff(x, [`$`(x, 1/2)])




evalb(diff(x, [`$`(x, 1/2)]) = x)



evalb(diff(x, [`$`(x, 1/2)]) = 2*sqrt(x/Pi))



ShowSolution(diff(x, x^(1/2)))

Error, invalid input: diff received x^(1/2), which is not valid for its 2nd argument


fracdiff(x, x, 1/2)



ShowSolution(fracdiff(x, x, 1/2))

Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) input expression does not have any incomplete calculus operations





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